Your Medical Chart — What’s On It?

and it’s important to know your medical records and should be free… Just saying

Epilepsy Talk

When asked if they’d like to see their doctor’s notes, patients in two new studies overwhelmingly said yes. But doctors weren’t nearly as enthusiastic.

The idea of opening up doctor’s notes has been around for decades. Advocates figure that patient oversight will reduce medical errors and help patients be more engaged.

Patients have a legal right to see their records. But actually getting those notes — especially those that doctors take during a visit — can be painfully slow (and expensive!)

Moreover, doctors and hospitals can charge whatever they want for photocopying, and can take up to two months to deliver!

Now that doctors and hospitals are using electronic medical records, however, the process of sharing should be relatively cheap and convenient.

Not surprisingly, the majority of patients thought that open visit notes were a great idea. They said it would give them more control and be better prepared for…

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