I Am Not a Camel … but I Do Have Epilepsy

Bravo … Its time there are serious conversations about this …

Epilepsy Talk

Here’s an excerpt of a successful woman’s odyssey through the world of epilepsy… It’s riveting.

By Maya Schenwar, Truthout | Op-Ed

“Why am I telling you all this?

First of all, I really wanted to share this glamour shot I took of myself in the hospital with my head tangled in wires (see below).

I think the cyborg-Medusa look could be the next runway hit.

More importantly, though: For a long time, I didn’t want to tell anyone in my professional world about this unique feature of my brain.

On the topics-that-are-fun-to-disclose-in-the-workplace-o-meter, epilepsy ranks somewhere between ‘I’ve been embezzling candy from the vending machine for the past 15 years’ and ‘I am actually a camel.’

I was worried about being viewed as an invalid, a workplace hazard, a weirdo.

But above all, I was afraid that people would see me as stupid.”

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