Life as an Activists – Wild Horses and Falling in Love

As you all know I have been hanging out in the desert the last year and have fallen in love…. Not only with desert but to the wild horses here in Nevada … So you know me… I am going to start digging … and if I am going to be stuck here for a wild … Might as well do a couple project hmmmmm?? I don’t think BLM ( and I don’t mean Black Live Matters Peeps) is going to like me when I’m done … but then … you know the ABC govermental peeps rarely do…he he he….

Take a moment and watch

So share it with your peeps and lets change how things are done … #PassTheSafeAct and if you are an organization working with wild horses … lets talk

Yes you need to stop and watch this … and then join in … Below you will see some of my favorite horses …. Much Love and Lets make some changes…

My neighbor on one side is worried about the horses and them being so close but I have always had a weird connection with animals… doesn’t worry me
The neighbor and his wife on this side love the wild horses …
I think they are saying ..hey lady don’t bring the dog out we need to..
to have Nap Time…. they know we will guard them…
I love the Baby …. Isn’t he beautiful
The tiny herd protects the baby and give you an evil eye if you get too close

I snap photos out the windows to not disturb them and later take photos with the real cameras …

The neighbor is a guy who has worked with horses in the movies… some of the peeps know him … he has worked with Robert Redford and Willie Nelson… not sure he will be too happy if they use his rug as a bathroom

So lets stop the slaughter and change things for the better… Wild Horses need to be Wild… and Free….


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