Life as an Activist –  Where do we go from here ???

  Some background info … I have been an activist for the last 10 years… started with an oil spill and as you learn the world isn’t quite what you thought it was … you learn about new issues …human health, failure of goverments to protect the people, human rights…

   But tonight I am pissed … and not the British pissed … I am a raving  angry angry pissed off activist … How did my country get this bad that we have 17 year olds driving to another state and murdering people.  I want to scream at his parents … what the hell did you teach your child … How could you let your child do that … his life is destroyed and he destroyed 3 others.

I want to scream at the police department and the police captain in Kenosha WI… What the hell is wrong with you…. How did you let this happen???  Your racist and white privilage BS attitude … lack of training of your officers … turning a blind eye … Forgetting about protecting and serving the public.

I want to yell at the Govenor of Wisconsin and the State of Wisconsin  ….  How did you let this happen in your state… 2 of your citizens are dead and another one is probably going to lose his arm…. Shame on you … and the stupid city officials who didn’t do their jobs … what are you doing

I want to yell at the violent protestors … what the hell are you doing …  I get the anger over the cops shooting a man and destroying his life and kids … I have stood against racists … been spit at and trust me I wanted to take my sign and pound peoples ignorant racists heads in… I didn’t …

     But here I sit trying to write and trying to figure out what to say… I have been following all of the protests as I sit here in a state far from home and watch the various feeds … I watch people only watching one side or just listening to what their supposedly “leaders” are saying… I want to yell at them too.. Use your fricken brains and don’t just blindly follow people

I want to yell at the white supremists that are showing up in various cities and co – opping events … go away you effing mf … go raise money and move to an island or get a spaceship and go colonize a planet … the rest of us will be fine without you … anyone who thinks they are better than anyone because of their skin color

    I want to yell at organizers you are being set up … the white supremists say they are going to be somewhere and you go to protest not preparing enough for the protestors … how many times do people need to get injured or killed … yes I am talking to Portland, Seattle, Kalamazoo, Albuquerque, Austin and now Kenosha … you are being infiltrated, co opped and not paying attention to safety issues … the white supremist are getting you to react and you are falling for it … they are working with the cops who show up late after the aholes have left … on purpose…

      So where do we go from here … how do we get our point across … how do we make the changes … how do we protect those who are protesting … how do we train these new protestors… how do we protect the humans from the idiots who who don’t realize life is sacred…. time to make some coffee and plans.


2 thoughts on “Life as an Activist –  Where do we go from here ???

  1. Perhaps you will learn the historic lessons? Organize your organization. Find people who are willing to lead. Train an army of non violent soldiers. Find ways to fight both tactical and strategic battles. And never never give up.

    Ps. Make village coffee. Really big pot, fresh ground coffee brought to and kept on a low simmer, add milk and sugar to the pot. Secret ingredient is thinly sliced fresh ginger.

    Pps, whenever possible include the mosques, churches and synagogues.

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