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A letter to the Fellow Activists ….

Hello my peeps …. as you know I have been pretty quiet the last year and 1/2… My partner and I bought a RV and left Michigan for a 4 month trip which due to various things has gone on for a year and 1/2….. We are currently in the Nevada Desert and recuperating from Covid 19… We were lucky that we got the less serious type (via a medical visit from the doctor )

What most of the peeps don’t know is why we bought an RV and left Jackson, Michigan. We left due to police harassment and brutality. In the current moment we are grieving and angry over the needless death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. We had recently settled with Jackson Police Department on the advice of the lawyer. But the cop involved sent a message the next day by parking down the street from us and then visiting each of our neighbors… When your neighbors know you … they tend to warn you about stuff. We had deliberately chosen the “hood” for various reason but the neighbors knew we had their backs and they had ours. But it became clear that the harassment was going to end and since then the officer that beat L.A. boy went on to kill a mentally disabled guy and shoot the woman the guy was threatening. We had hope that he would be fired but no he was promoted to detective… the good that came out of L.A. boys beating is that they now all have body cameras and new car cameras . You are welcome Jackson Police Department. I only wish we had sued the Jackson Sheriffs Department for the brutality that came from Tracy speaking up for a black guy who thought he was having a heart attack… Yes he was not only beaten up once but twice in the matter of 3 days… He told them if the guy died they would have his blood on their hands… (additional note … a black woman had died the week prior in their custody)

The past week have been difficult for us… when you have lived through the trauma of being beaten and harassed … every video and story tends to trigger the PTSD that comes with it… L.A. boy can’t sleep or eat… I had been hiding a lot of the videos I receive that show police beatings for the last couple of years from him. But there was no way to hide this… nor should we.. A man was murdered and we all saw it… the other officers are now charged …. and no I don’t care that a couple of them were newbies…. they could have stood up and said not on our watch…. people were screaming at them to get off. I asked Tracy if he would have spoken up in jail even if he had knew what would come after and he said yes… “it was obvious that the man was in pain and they had no empathy and he could die)

So now what do we do ….. as you can tell we obviously can’t return home…In fact Tracy refuses to … so we have decided to the house into a house of activism….Lord knows in Michigan we need to make a lot of changes … we have high rates of homelessness … poverty and so many problems that it is scary… But systematic racism is a large portion of it… so we will be opening the house to activists need to do work in Michigan…. we have things to change…. We will be calling the Activist House … Cora and Lisa’s House …. named after my Mom and a fellow activist that we lost last year.

I have reached out to a few of the peeps and they are willing to help… If you are interested in helping contact me. We are going to make change and this is just the start of it. We also will be hitting the road and talking about activist in different parts of the US. Time to get busy…

Much Love …. Wolverine and L.A. Boy


5 thoughts on “Back to Blogging and Life as an Activist

  1. I’m glad you’re back. Even more happy you have both survived the Beast. It is just starting to get serious over here with 16 new confirmed cases around where we live.

    Thankfully we have no idea what it’s like to get stomped on by the man. Though we have both been followed and intimidated at various times. They are trying to revoke the motorcycle helmet law in a city near us. Seems that there are too many killings (extra judicial?) where the killers are riding tandem on a motorcycles and can’t be identified because of their full cover helmets.

    Seems to me that all I can offer you is the occasional blog worthy of sharing and the use of any of my images that might aid your blogging.



      1. When you find a place where justice is done,, kindness is shared and humility is respected sell the motor home and move. Until then fight the good fight where you find yourself.

        Duterte has the army and the police in the streets with orders to shoot to kill curfew breakers and drug users. In his hart he is trying to save his country. Trump on the other hand is apparently trying to destroy America. But they are both scary.

        I couldn’t find a follow button on your blog.


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