Life as an activist and photographer

Because Its Happy Indigenous Day ( No I do celebrate Columbus Day )

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Its been a busy month for this activist… I went and gave a talk at a local YMCA that was about the Rover pipeline.  A few of went to tell some of the workers that we

were not happy with their work….  there phone camera’s came out … I waved to a couple I recognized … it was nice to see a little bit of shock on their face… Oh crap it’s her again….  Wavey wavey boys….

Also went up to Lansing and hung out at the capitol with some of my friends and bothered a few of the representatives to remind them who they work for … met some of the people  who want to replace people up there …. really enjoyed that.

Took one of the young activist along with a new filmmaker friend who is doing a film series about the water… I am hoping that his work gets picked up by a major company but we did discuss the difficulty of getting the support when you are doing work as an independent.  I am always hesitant when working with new people but really like some of his work….

I had decided to take time off after the week was finished but the next morning got a facebook message saying some of the peeps were doing Happy Indigenous Day parade … yes it was only a few of us … but it stirred up a few people talking …. But I am exhausted and dealing with the effects of going back to the river …. so going to take some time and work on some other projects.



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