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Life as an activist and photographer

Because Its Happy Indigenous Day ( No I do celebrate Columbus Day ) Its been a busy month for this activist… I went and gave a talk at a local YMCA that was about the Rover pipeline.  A few of went to tell some of the workers that we were not happy with their work….  there phone camera’s came out … I waved to a couple I recognized … it was nice to see a little bit of shock on their face… Oh crap it’s her again….  Wavey wavey boys…. Also went up to Lansing and hung out at the … Continue reading Life as an activist and photographer

Life as an Activist …

Trying to balance ones life as an activist and a human being on this planet is not easy…. Add into the mixture of dealing with health issues and at times you feel like throwing in the towel …. I am one of those unpaid activists …. and that makes it hard ….  a couple of  other unpaid activists and I were discussing how stupid it is that those who make a living at it … don’t take it seriously.  In reality … it ticks us off …  we watch them waste time money and energy on stupid projects …. and … Continue reading Life as an Activist …

CTA: Tell Jim Justice “Hands off our property rights!”

Originally posted on Holler from the Hollers!:
Call To Action: Stand up for the property rights of WV land owners! This will take less than 10 minutes. You can do it standing in line at the grocery store. Scroll to the bottom if you only have 5 minutes! What to do: Email or call Governor Jim Justice and tell him all West Virginians—Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and progressives, mineral rights owners and surface rights owners, oil/gas landmen and environmentalists—oppose forced pooling. Why do it: Forced pooling is eminent domain for private gain. It allows companies to legally FORCE you to lease mineral rights to… Continue reading CTA: Tell Jim Justice “Hands off our property rights!”